7 Easy Steps to Roll a Hemp Paper

Hemp paper is one of the oldest papers in the world, and it's used even today for rolling joints and blunts. The next time you decide to roll a joint, you could enhance the experience by using a hemp wrap instead of regular rolling papers. It is more eco-friendly and also has a natural hemp taste that can add an extra layer of flavor.

However, don't fret if you aren't familiar with how to roll hemp paper; it's simple! You'll be well versed with rolling hemp papers in no time if you follow these easy steps.

Steps to Roll a Hemp Paper

Rolling a hemp paper is quite similar to rolling a marijuana joint. Many people also use a rolling machine to make paper rolling easier or even start with a pre-rolled CBD joint cone that can be packed with ground-up flowers and enjoyed.

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Materials

The first step to rolling the hemp paper is, of course, gathering all of the necessary materials. This includes the hemp paper itself, a rolling tray, something to use as a filter (optional), and your favorite strain of tobacco or herb. Here are some things you can gather.
  • Rolling Tray

  • Flower Buds

  • Hemp rolling papers

  • Grinder

  • Filter (Optional)

  • Rolling Machine (Optional)

A grinder is required to turn your flower into flakes that would be evenly distributed down the length of your rolling paper. Some people who roll joints use a rolling tray for the purpose. The rolling tray acts like a clean, flat, and safe surface to roll on.

Having a filter can reduce the harsh effects of smoke, so you might want to have one handy when rolling your joint. A rolling machine holds your hemp papers, allowing you to roll a smooth, uniform joint. On the other hand, rolling machines may even compress a joint too firmly.

 Step 2: Grind Your Cannabis Flower

Now is the time to grind up your marijuana bud. You may use a grinder or even your hands to break the flower down into tiny pieces. Rolling your joint will be easier if you have a good-quality grinder. 

Step 3: Lay out the Hemp Paper

Take the hemp paper and lay it flat. With your thumb, hold two fingers still while laying the rolling paper in an 'L' or 'U' formation over them. This forms a trough that you may fill with ground-up flower.
If you're using a rolling machine, place the rolling paper over the two horizontal poles and press it into the plastic loop. This should result in a 'hammock' made from your rolling paper.
Make sure the sticky side faces outward. When you observe the trough, this will be the side that faces you. The adhesive strip should be on the far side of the paper, and you'll roll inward so that the sticky strip covers the outside of the junction.

Step 4: Use the flower to line the paper

If you're using a filter, place it at the end of your rolling paper that's farthest away from you. This is the side where you'll seal the joint later on. Then, add the ground-up flower to the trough created by your hemp paper. The amount of cannabis you use is entirely up to you, but most people use around 1 gram.

Step 5: Roll It Up

Once you've added the ground-up flower, it's time to start rolling. Begin by rolling the paper between your thumbs and forefingers back and forth. This will help to pack the cannabis down as you roll. Once you've rolled the paper back and forth a few times, it's time to start rolling it up from the bottom.
Take care not to wrap your joint too tightly. A joint that is packed too firmly will not help smoke well. However, a firm connection is still superior to one that falls apart.

Step 6: Lick and Stick

When you run out of paper, you will see the glue end ready to be pressed down. But first, it needs a little moisture. Just like an envelope, gently lick the glue line (not too wet) and then smooth down the end of your rolling paper along the outer side of the joint. You can also use an envelope sponge to finish the task if you don't want to lick it.

Step 7: The Final Touch

The final step is to take a lighter and run it along the seam of the joint. This will help to seal the paper and prevent it from unraveling. Once you've done that, you're ready to enjoy your perfectly rolled joint!

Important Tips when Rolling Hemp Paper:

Here are some essential tips that you should follow while rolling hemp paper:

  • If the paper is too dry, it won't be easy to roll. If the paper is excessively damp, it will be tough to light. The optimum moisture level for rolling hemp papers is found between these extremes.

  • Be sure to use a filter when rolling your joint. This will help to prevent bits of cannabis from being inhaled while smoking.

  • Do not over-pack your joint. A tightly packed joint will not smoke well and may be difficult to light.

  • Roll your joint slowly and evenly. This will help to prevent it from becoming crooked or uneven.

  • Lick the glue strip or seal it with an envelope sponge before sealing the joint when you run out of paper. This will help to prevent the joint from unraveling.

Ending Note

There you have it! Now it's time to sit back and enjoy your handiwork! By following the above-mentioned simple steps, you'll be able to roll a perfect joint of your favorite hemp papers each time. You can buy top-quality rolling papers and hemp wraps (pre-rolled) from Zooted Brandz to avail the range of flavors and exclusive prices we offer. So, don't wait! Cart up now!