Collection: Glass

It is not uncommon to get a different level of high when you smoke using glass equipment. Classy, clear, and spot-clean glass equipment to smoke fresh herbs can get you zappy within a few minutes.
ZootedBrandz features a range of premium quality glass smoking equipment that will add a zazzy and zingy vibe to your collection. Whether you’re a fan of the classic sherlock glass pipe, a beefy beaker-shaped glass bong, or a straight glass bong, you can buy it on ZootedBrandz. Not just this, we have a range of bent glass equipment like the bent glass pipe and the bent tube dab rig.
Each of these high-quality glass items that we have is available in different sizes. The best part of all the glass equipment in our collection is the classy black Zooted branding, making it all the more irreziztible! And to get you zooooted further, more glass items will be coming your way. Watch this space for more!
8 products
  • Zooted 12" Straight Tube Water Pipe - (1 Count)
  • Zooted 12" Beaker Water Pipe - (1 Count)
  • Zooted 12" Honeycomb Tube Water Pipe - (1 Count)
  • Zooted 12" Slim Beaker Water Pipe - (1 Count)
  • Zooted 10" Bent Tube Rig - (1 Count)
  • Zooted 8" Short Tube Water Pipe - (1 Count)
  • Zooted 6" Bubbler Water Pipe - (1 Count)
  • Zooted 4" Sherlock Hand Pipe - (1 Count)