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Hemp Lovers Unite! Our latest discovery is an element we named ‘Zo.’ This element is known to lend a Zzing to hemp wraps and how! Zo (common name: Zooted) presents all organic, and natural hemp wraps in eight mouth-watering flavors that are sure to leave a mmmagnificient after-taste in your mouth (and soul)

Whether you feel royal like Russian cream, goofy like a grapevine, hot as if honey-dipped, wow like a wedding cake, passionate like a pink drink, bold like a banana split, or mischievous like mad mango, we have just the right flavor for each of your moods!

Available in packs (2 wraps per pack) as well as display boxes (25 packs per box), you can order these delicious beauties at the best wholesale and retail prices with us at Zooted Brandz. Non-GMO, all organic, and non-tobacco hemp wraps, these Zooted Hemp WrapZ (filter tips included) are sure to give you a smooooth draw!

The fruity aroma of each of the flavors of Zooted Hemp Wrapz is irresistible. Rip wide open the crispy pouches of your favorite Zooted Hemp WrapZ and unleash the Zest within you. These wraps pack a delicious punch while they burn slowly and sweetly. Say bye to harsh tobacco and get your senses Zooooooted with our unique, flavor-rich, and natural Hemp Wrapz!
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  • Zooted Hemp WrapZ - Pink Drink
  • Zooted Hemp WrapZ - Honey Dipped
  • Zooted Hemp WrapZ - Russian Cream
  • Zooted Hemp WrapZ - Wedding Cake
  • Zooted Hemp WrapZ - Grapevine
  • Zooted Hemp WrapZ - Banana Split
    Banana Split Zooted Hemp Wraps(2 per pack)-Hemp
  • Zooted Hemp WrapZ - Mad Mango