7 Tips to Prevent A Broken Glass Pipe

Whether it's a hand pipe or a water pipe, glass pipes are usually a smoker's favorite thing. It's indeed a lot of fun to carry your glass pipe on road trips, concerts, and outdoor activities. However, carrying it with you is tricky because - it's glass!

Some people avoid glass water pipes because of their delicate nature. Glass is notorious for shattering easily, especially when arranged in complicated patterns. Water pipes are often complex in design, making them more susceptible to breaking. However, there are ways you can prevent your glass water pipe from shattering.

Let us look at a few.

Tips to prevent your glass water pipe from breaking

1. Be Aware of the Type of Glass Your Purchasing

There are three main types of glass- borosilicate, soft, and annealed. Soft glass is the most popular type because it's inexpensive and easy to work with. However, this type of glass is also more susceptible to breaking.

Borosilicate is a stronger type of glass that doesn't expand or contract as much with the temperature change. Annealed Glass is stronger than borosilicate, but it's more challenging. When looking for a new water pipe, take note of the type of glass it's made with. If you're looking for a durable option, borosilicate or annealed glass is your best bet.

2. Get a Glass Pipe Case

There are different kinds of covers or cases that you can use to carry your glass pipes to keep them safe. The cases come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. They keep your pipe from moving around or shaking while traveling. There's no better option than a cushioned case specifically designed for storing glass when it comes to pipes. A cushioned hardshell case is always a winner for water pipes. If you're going on an extreme outdoor activity like mountain biking, snowboarding, or climbing with your pipe, a hard case may be the best option to prevent your pipe from breaking.

3. After Each Use, Remove the Downstem or the Bowl

One of the most common mistakes smokers make is failing to clean out their downstem and bowl after a smoking session. Even veteran smokers who are not used to Glass on Glass are likely to make this error.

Removing the bowl and downstem from your bong is essential. They are both made of glass, so they can easily get lost in your bong. If you move your piece around with the bowl and downstem inside, they might collide and even break. Even if you grab your piece quickly, it might cause a collision and apparent breakage.

4. Empty the Water After Each Use

Ensuring your water pipe is filled up to the right level before you smoke is essential. This will help you get that smooth, clean flavor you love. But it is equally vital to empty the water pipe after you're done smoking.

Aside from the apparent advantages of disposing of unclean water in your perc bong, emptying it can help to prevent it from shattering. It's not usual, but the water temperature may drop as a result.

When the water is heated, it expands. The glass may break if there is too much expansion. Hence, smokers who leave their pipes and components in chilly rooms, basements, and other cold places must empty the bong water

5. Transport it Carefully

When taking your bong on the go, you must be extra careful. Even if you have a case, there is always a slight risk of breaking your pipe. When packing up your backpack, ensure that your pipe is well-padded. You don't want it to move around too much and knock into other things. It's also good to carry your pipe in a separate bag from your other smoking supplies. This will prevent any breakage that might occur.

6. Be Careful Where You Leave Your Pipe

It would help if you never left your bong in a hot car. The heat can cause the glass to expand and crack. It's also not good to put your bong in the freezer. While it might seem like an excellent way to clean it, the sudden temperature change can cause the glass to break. A quick way to cool down your bong is to place it in the fridge for a few minutes. Just be sure to take it out before it gets too cold.

It's also important to be careful about where you leave your bong when you're not using it. Children or pets may accidentally break it if they knock it over. When you're not using it, it's best to keep your bong safe, like in a locked cabinet.

7. Be Careful While Passing it to Your Friends

Finally, be sure that your friends keep an eye on your water pipe while passing or using it! We're not suggesting you shouldn't allow your friends to smoke from your bong. That's part of good smoking etiquette.

But if you're going to a party or plan on smoking with some friends, make sure they handle it with care. Carefully and with both hands, pass it around and don't leave it unattended.

They say precaution is better than cure. And so it is when it comes to preserving your precious glass pipe as well. If you want to prevent your glass water pipe from breaking, follow the tips mentioned above, and we're sure you'll keep it safe for a long time! And if you're looking to buy, gift, or collect some excellent smoking equipment and accessories, make sure to check out what we have for you at the Zooted Brandz!