Here are six reasons you must switch to Zooted Hemp Wraps

Smoking blunt wraps and cigars can be pleasurable, but they have many adverse health effects primarily because they are tobacco products. Tobacco releases harsh chemicals like nicotine. However, most people have shifted or are on the verge of shifting to healthier smoking habits and ditching smoking blunt wraps and cigar products. Most of them have shifted to a cleaner alternative. What is the cleaner alternative, you ask? They are none other than hemp wraps. This blog will discuss everything related to hemp wraps and the advantages of Zooted Hemp Wraps.

What are hemp wraps?

Hemp wraps are thin, flat sheets of paper made from hemp. Hemp is a type of Cannabis Sativa L that doesn't consist of tobacco. It can be used just like blunt wraps to wrap your preferred product into a tight joint. Hemp wraps became famous in 2017 and continued to rise in popularity. They are becoming increasingly available in various smoke shops, head shops, dispensaries, and online cannabis stores. Those who don't like rolling their joints can opt for pre-rolled cones to make things quicker. Zooted Brandz is one of the top brands with a vast hemp wrap inventory. Our hemp wraps are top quality and are available in eight mouth-watering flavors. Here are six reasons why you must choose Zooted Hemp Wraps.

Availability of Diverse Flavors

We are proud to feature a range of flavored hemp wraps. You will find a flavor that resonates with you regardless of your taste, personality, and mood. We have eight flavors inspired by different fruits, drinks, and cakes. Here's a list of the flavors that we have.

  • Mad Mango

  • Pink Drink

  • Wedding Cake

  • Banana Split

  • Grapevine

  • Russian Cream

  • Honey Dipped

 No Tobacco

Zooted Hemp Wraps provide a lot of feasibility, flexibility, and convenience compared to other rolling products. Our hemp wraps have no trace of nicotine and are extremely popular amongst non-tobacco smokers. Zooted hemp wraps are an excellent alternative for anyone looking to switch to healthier smoking, as they no longer need to rely on nicotine-laden wraps. 

100% Organic

Smokers have become more conscious about what they smoke and how they smoke. Not only have they switched to healthier smoking, but they are also concerned about the harmful chemicals that might be present in rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, and wraps. Zooted Hemp Wraps are 100% organic and contain no toxic ingredients or adhesives. Our product is 100% natural and is the perfect choice for people who enjoy smoking wraps but in a healthy way!

Filter Tips

Zooted hemp wraps are a cut above the rest because we use GMO-free, vegan hemp plants without harsh chemicals. Each pack comprises two hemp wraps and two filters that one can use when they smoke. Each pack is perfect for a solo smoking session or a session with one friend. If you're a reseller, you can buy a variation of flavored display boxes from us, each containing 25 packs of one flavor.


You can buy our flavor-rich, unique hemp wraps wholesale, or you can buy them retail. Not only are our products super-affordable for the customers, but they also offer value for money to smoke shop owners, head shop owners, and dispensary owners. You can become a reseller of Zooted Brandz products with a few simple steps. 

The Cleaner Alternative

Hemp Wraps are genuinely 100% natural and organic as the process of growing hemp does not employ any kind of pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides that contain potentially harmful chemicals. They do not contain toxic compounds and added adhesives found in many types of blunt wraps. If you want to switch to a healthier alternative – Zooted hemp wraps are the way to go.

Ending Note

Zooted Brandz is the most reliable and popular hemp wrap seller online, and you can purchase the best hemp wraps from us at reasonable prices. We also provide a range of smoking accessories like lighters, trays, grinders, rolling papers, and funky and weed-themed apparel. So don’t wait and stock up your inventories now!