How to Dab: Everything You Need to Know

Dabs and Dabbing Explained

Cannabis is extracted, finely concentrated, and then smoked as "shatter," "wax," "hash oil," or other similar forms. These products are collectively referred to as "dabs" and are consumed through the process of "smoking dabs" or "dabbing."

In a nutshell, dabbing is the technique of inhaling vapor from a cannabis concentrate after heating it to the proper temperature. The popularity of vaporizing concentrates is mainly due to their purity, aided by sophisticated extraction techniques. Cannabis flower contains 10–25% THC, while cannabis concentrates may contain up to 40–80% THC, which is a tremendous value for your money and brain.

Cannabis flowers may be smoked or vaporized, producing a less powerful high that usually lasts 90 minutes to 3 hours. Dabs, on the other hand, are highly concentrated cannabis extracts that may be found in a variety of forms:

- Oil
- Live Resin
- Crumble/Wax
- Crystalline

Dabbing isn't for everyone. If you haven't smoked or vaped cannabis before, dabbing might not be the best idea since dab hits are considerably more potent than smoking or vaping marijuana. Some people may find dabbing intimidating, including even those who are experienced with cannabis. Dabbing is best for users who want the most THC possible in their products.

What Tools do You Need to Dab?

To get started, you'll need a few pieces of equipment. As your dabbing skills and tolerance improve, you may upgrade to more expensive and sophisticated dab rigs. However, to make things easier for dabbing newcomers, we'll start with the necessities.

Dab Rigs:A dab rig is similar to a bong, but it has a fitting for a nail rather than a bowl.

Nails:Nails are generally made of titanium, quartz, or ceramic. When the concentrate is introduced to a hot nail, it is incinerated due to the heat produced by a tiny blowtorch. This results in a dab of smoke that is inhaled through the water pipe.

Torches:A torch lighter functions like a regular butane lighter, only it's much larger and more powerful. The heat from a torch will give you an intense and clean hit every time, provided that you use a high-quality dab rig and nail.

Carb Caps:A carb cap will make your dabbing experience even more enjoyable. Carb caps concentrate the vapor and heat from your nail, making for a much smoother hit that gets you higher than usual.

Dabber tools: Another tool you may want is a dabber. Dabbers come in all shapes and sizes, but they're designed to help consumers scoop up their wax or oil concentrates instead of them trying to do it with their hands alone.

Cannabis extract:Shatter and wax are the most common types of concentrates used in dabbing. Other shatter-style concentrates include butane Hash Oil (BHO), solventless extracts like rosin and oil.

Amount of Concentrate You Need

Various factors, such as whether you have previously inhaled concentrates, your tolerance level, the type of concentrate, and others, can impact the amount of concentrate you need. There is no hard and fast rule for how much concentrate you need. It entirely depends on the user.

It would help if you started slow. A little half grain of rice is the maximum amount you should dab at once. That may appear small compared to an entire joint, but keep in mind that we're talking about a cannabis concentrate that can be up to five times more powerful than a regular cannabis flower.

How to Dab (Step-By-Step Guide)

You're ready to get started once you've set up the rig and loaded your dab on the dabber. It is recommended you sit down while taking a dab because it might be overwhelming.

Step 1:After you've finished setting up your dab rig or water pipe, use a blowtorch to heat the nail. Keep the flame steady and gradually increase the temperature until the nail is crimson. Place the dome over the top of the nail carefully.

Step 2:We're now at the waiting stage. If you're using a ceramic or quartz nail, 45 seconds should be enough for it to cool and reach the ideal dabbing temperature. You only need to wait 10-20 seconds if you're using a titanium nail.

Step 3Take a scoop of your concentrate and place it on the tip of a dabber or wand. Prepare to inhale in by putting your mouth over the water pipe or rig. In a circular motion, apply the concentrate to the heated nail, ensuring that all of it touches the surface.

Step 4: Inhale sharply after lighting your concentrate vaporizer for the first time. If you don't have a dome but have a carb cap, put it on top of the nail and continue to breathe.

Step 5:Exhale and let the celebrations in your mind explode! If any concentrate is left on the nail, take a few more puffs to finish it off. For most people, that one enormous hit will be enough. Repeat STEP 1 if you've developed a high resistance and need to go again.

Some Safety Tips:

- Don't consume concentrates from an unknown origin. Untested concentrates might be contaminated with pathogens.
- If you're a first-time user, find someone to assist you.
- At first, you should consume a small quantity and allow it to sit for a while before adding more.
- Never leave your torch on when you're not using it.

How to Clean Your Dab Rig

Lastly, it is vital to clean your dab rig once you've had enough of using it. Properly cleaning your dab rig is essential to ensure that you are not breathing in any harmful chemicals or metals when using it next.

The first and most straightforward method to clean a dab rig is to use hot water. You can put a few drops of dish soap in the boiling water and let it soak for about ten minutes. Make sure to run your dab rig through this process several times before using it again.

Another method that works well on glass rigs is to fill some rubbing alcohol (70 percent isopropyl) in the glass rig and shake it up. The alcohol will dissolve any resin build-ups that are stuck on the insides of your dab rig, allowing you to rinse them away with hot water.

Dabbing is an excellent choice for individuals who want to experience the flavor and potency of their favorite THC-laden marijuana concentrates. Definitely, you'll need a Dab Rig and a few additional supporting gears, but dabbing is well worth it for anybody seeking a more potent and fulfilling way of consuming marijuana.