Looking for tobacco-free hemp wraps? Zooted Brandz Hemp Wraps are here

It is 2022, and people are shifting to or have already opted for healthier ways of smoking. They are increasingly getting concerned about the toxic chemicals that might be present in pre-rolled cones, rolling papers, and wraps. Are you, too, wondering how to smoke in a healthy way? One of the healthiest ways to smoke weed is through hemp wraps. A variety of hemp wraps that are 100% organic and contain no toxic ingredients are becoming popular in the market. What’s more, they are now available in various flavors.

Why are people shifting to organic and tobacco-free wraps?

The American Lung Association states that consuming tobacco is associated with several adverse health effects such as heart diseases, lung diseases, stroke, several types of cancers, and damage to blood vessels. Some people think that if smokers exhale quickly, they are not susceptible to the risks associated with tobacco. However, that is not the case. Smoking tobacco is the number one cause of lung cancer, even for smokers who exhale faster. Holding the smoke only increases the risk further. The nicotine present in blunts can also cause it to be addictive.

Due to the above-mentioned ill effects of tobacco, people have started shifting to healthier smoking options. One such healthier smoking option is smoking via hemp paper. People have started using hemp paper and hemp wraps for smoking cannabis.

What is hemp?

Trees take years to grow fully, but if the hemp plant gets proper growing conditions, it can be harvested within 120 days. Thus, it helps save trees, and not only does it grow faster than other plants, but it also doesn’t require the employment of harsh chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides. The production of hemp also helps reduce soil erosion and evade water logging that can lead to landslides and pollution. The hemp seed oil helps produce varnish, detergents, ink, and non-toxic paint. Hemp fiber is also used to manufacture hemp papers. Hemp papers are rougher and thicker than rice ones and provide a good grip when rolling. Several hemp papers available in the market have a slow burn rate and are free of harmful additives.

Zooted Hemp Wraps

The best thing about Zooted hemp wraps is that they are made from 100% U.S grown hemp fiber. Zooted wraps do not contain any tobacco or nicotine. They are entirely plant-based, contain no additives, and are completely organic. Zooted hemp wraps are becoming extremely popular among non-tobacco smokers. 

The best features of Zooted Hemp Wraps:

  • High-quality hemp wraps

  • Available in a range of mouth-watering flavors

  • Made from 100% natural hemp plant

  • They are non-tobacco and non-GMO.

  • They come with two filter tips

  • They provide a slow burn

  • Ensure a smooth and flavorful hit

  • They are affordable

Zooted hemp wraps are known to pack a punch and are available in a number of flavors. Some unique flavors we have in store are Pink Drink, Russian Cream, Wedding Cake, Grapevine, Honey Dipped, and Mad Mango, among others. They are extra moist and are sealed tight for long-lasting freshness.Each pack consists of two wraps. We also offer display boxes with 25 packs in each box, which makes 50 wraps per box. Our range of products – hemp wraps, lighters, apparel, grinders, trays and rolling papers- is available retail and wholesale. So even if you own an establishment like a smoke shop, vape shop, or head shop, you can buy from us at Zooted Brandz at the best prices!