Sherlock Pipes - Types, Benefits, and Factors to Consider before buying it

Uses of sherlock pipes

A smoker's collection is incomplete without a sherlock pipe. We are sure each of you has at least one sherlock pipe that they fancy. Sherlock smoking pipes are classic, refined, and power-packed, essential to any smoker's collection. Sherlock smoking pipes are recognized for their distinctive form, which is key to smoother and longer smoking sessions.

Sherlock pipes are popular tobacco pipes that get their name from the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. The Sherlock pipe is high on fashion as well as utility. Its shape is responsible for its name. The bowl is cylindrical, while the stem is long. These pipes come in various designs and offer benefits that set them apart from the crowd.

Continue reading to discover all about one of the most celebrated pipes of the smoking world.

History of Sherlock Pipes

They were known as billiards or bings before being referred to as Sherlock pipes. Their popularity is evident across the world. They have a more attractive and distinctive form than spoons, chillums, bongs, and other types of glass pieces.

The Sherlock pipe was introduced to smoking circles in the late 1800s. It was during this time that Sherlock Holmes became a household name. The detective, who Arthur Conan Doyle created, smoked a pipe in almost each one of his stories.

While the character of Sherlock Holmes is fictional, his lock-shaped pipe is not. The design of the Sherlock pipe was inspired by clay pipes that were popular in Europe at the time. These pipes were much more fragile than Glass, so they didn't last long.

The first Sherlock pipe was made out of Glass, and it quickly became a hit with smokers. The popularity of the Sherlock pipe continued to grow throughout the 20th century. Today, they are one of the most popular pipes in the world.

Types of Sherlock Pipes

Contrary to the ones usually seen in the Sherlock Holmes movies, modern-day Sherlock pipes can be constructed of various materials, including Glass, porcelain, and even metal. Let's have a look at some of these types.

Wooden Sherlock Pipe

The most popular material for a Sherlock smoking pipe is wood. These pipes commonly have a wooden bowl with a plastic mouthpiece. Although these are the most popular ones and can be shaped in various attractive forms, they have some flaws too.

Wood absorbs the smoke from whatever plant is being burned inside, which results in the pipe smelling and tasting different with time, making cleaning the pipe much more challenging.

Glass Sherlock Pipe

The most famous pipe style is the Glass Sherlock pipe. This pipe comes in a variety of colors and sizes. They're constructed of thick-blown Glass and have a pretty intricate shape.

Glass pipes are simpler to maintain and clean compared to wooden pipes. Also, they don't absorb smoke as readily, making it possible for users to enjoy their Glass sherlock pipe for many years with little or no change in taste.

Porcelain Sherlock Pipe

Porcelain pipes are similar to glass pipes, but they're usually more delicate and require more care. These pipes are often decorated with intricate designs and colors. They're less popular than glass or wood pipes because they break easily and are more challenging to clean.

Metal Sherlock Pipe

The least popular type of Sherlock smoking pipe is made from metal. These pipes are less common because they're difficult to clean, and the smoke often has a metallic taste. Despite these drawbacks, some smokers prefer metal pipes because they're durable and have a unique look.

Benefits of Smoking with a Sherlock smoking pipe

Sherlock pipes are not just attractive; they also have some fantastic advantages. Let's talk about a few of them.

Cooler and Smoother Hits

One of the best things about smoking from a Sherlock pipe is that it offers cooler and smoother hits. The long stem on these pipes allows the smoke to travel further and become cooler before it's inhaled, helping smokers enjoy a more comfortable smoking experience.


If you want to know which is one of the most comfortable handheld smoking devices that the world has ever used, the answer is Sherlock Pipes. These pipes have a solid grip and fit perfectly in the palm curvature.

Deeper bowl

The deep curved bowls of Sherlock smoking pipes are a bonus and can be filled with your favorite marijuana strain to the brim.

Deep bowls allow longer sessions, which is excellent for solo, dual or group usage. But don't pack it too tightly; otherwise, the pipe won't get enough air through it.

Choosing the best Sherlock pipe

Now that you know some of the fantastic benefits of Sherlock pipes let us

discuss how you can choose which one is right for your needs.

Consider the following factors when purchasing your sherlock pipe.


The material of your Sherlock pipe will affect its durability, taste, and ease of cleaning. Glass is the most popular choice because it doesn't absorb smoke and is easy to clean. Wood is also a popular choice because it's attractive, but it's more challenging to maintain. In the end, it is all about your utility.


Sherlock pipes come in various sizes, from small handheld pipes to large desktop models. Choose a comfortable size for you that fits your smoking needs.

Make sure you consider the above factors before purchasing a pipe, and you'll find one that fits your smoking style perfectly.

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