Types of Bubblers and Quick tips to clean them

What can be more satiating than enjoying a smooth hit from a marijuana bubbler after a long day? In this blog, we will talk about the different types of bubblers and how to clean them.

Silicone Bubblers

You can’t go wrong with a silicone bubbler. Yes, many people enjoy smoking with a silicone bubbler. It resembles a glass bubbler in shape and design with one key difference. It’s silicone. Well, now that you know about the silicone bubbler, let us have a look at the many ways to clean it.

1. Put some elbow grease into it.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with using plain soap and water to clean a silicone bubbler. Mild soap works because there is generally no residue on the inside of the silicone bubbler’s bowl to scrape off as there is with glass bubblers.

2. When in doubt, use the freezer.

Okay, so it may sound strange, but you can freeze your silicone bubbler clean. Here’s how it works:

  • Rinse your bubbler out thoroughly
  • Rest it in the freezer soaking wet
  • Wait a few hours
  • Work the residue out of the bubbler by bending and squeezing it vigorously.

Believe it or not, any residue will crack and slide off of the sides of your bubbler.

3. The silicone bubbler is dishwasher safe.

Given the above reality, why don’t you throw your bubbler in the dishwasher?

Here’s what you do:

  • Put your bubbler in the dishwasher
  • Put dishwasher soap in the soap container
  • Close the container
  • Turn your dishwasher on and let it work its cleaning magic.

Glass Bubblers

You’ve heard of hybrid cars, haven’t you? There are many mixed things in life, and glass bubblers happen to be one of them. It’s not as big as a bong, but it’s not as small as a pipe either. That said, glass bubblers have many exciting and unique characteristics:
• Their bases or chambers are large and bulbous
◦ These hold the water that you’re going to use to smoke marijuana with
◦ Some bubblers have more than one water chamber
• They come with the basics of a bong or pipe. These include:
◦ A bowl
◦ A mouthpiece
◦ A stem
• Their mouthpieces tend to come in many shapes, styles, sizes, and colors.

You can find glass bubblers in some of the following styles:

  • Mini-size
  • Hammer
  • Sherlock
  • Double
  • Sidecar

Benefits of Glass Bubbler

Now that you know more about a bubbler and what it is, isn’t it time to discover why you want to use it? Well, glass bubblers come with the following benefits and more:

  • They’re small and don’t weigh a ton
  • The smoke is pure, smooth, and sweet
  • The water will last for a while
  • You can smoke in public without being noticed
  • There is an almost unlimited selection in terms of mouthpieces.
  • You get the best of both worlds in that you get the best of a bong and pipe in one device
  • You don’t need water to use them
  • They look like a work of art

How to clean a glass bubbler

1. Use water, salt, and rubbing alcohol

This may seem an interesting yet odd combination to clean your bubbler, but it works! Do the following if you want to clean your glass bubbler this way:

  • Thoroughly rinse the inside of your bubbler out with warm water
  • Put the bubbler in a ziplock bag
  • Add 2 ounces of table salt to the bag
  • Follow with 2 cups of rubbing alcohol
  • Believe it or not, this mixture will scrub the inside and exterior of your bubbler out thoroughly. It will get rid of all of the residue that was on the inside and outside of it.
  • Be sure to seal the bag and then give it a vigorous sixty-second shake
  • Make sure to put it in an upright position for 4-5 hours
  • Give it a vigorous shake approximately every hour
  • Take the bubbler out of the bag
  • Swab off any remaining residue or stickiness with a cotton swab
  • Run the bubbler under warm running water for a few minutes to get rid of any remaining residue
  • Let the bubbler dry thoroughly on a paper towel before you smoke again

2. Let citrus do the trick.

Well, citrus fruits are very acidic. Therefore, you can always turn to your old buddy, the lemon. What you do is:

  • Place the bubbler in a ziplock bag
  • Fill it with boiling water
  • Put lots of lemon juice in the ziplock bag
  • Seal the bag
  • Shake it vigorously
  • Let it rest in an upright position. Be sure to give it a good shake every hour.
  • Empty the contents of the bag
  • Scrub the bubbler off thoroughly

3. Vinegar will work too

Did you know that vinegar is a great cleaning agent since it’s acidic and somewhat abrasive? When this common household item is combined with a mild common household abrasive substance like baking powder, the result is phenomenal. You’ll find that you’ll have a squeaky and sparkling clean bubbler if you use this mixture to clean it out regularly!

So, there’s no getting around this fact - bubblers are a considerable investment because they can be expensive. The good news is that this will be money well spent because these bubblers are made to last.
It’s especially true if you clean your bubbler out regularly. It shouldn’t be too hard anymore since you know about the different types of bubblers and the many options for cleaning them. So enjoy your marijuana smoking experience, and don’t forget to clean your bubblers regularly!