What is a Recycler piece: Its Benefits, Types, and Usage

Concentrates are gaining popularity because of the strong flavor and hit they provide. But when consumed with the wrong smoking tools and accessories, they can lose their essence.

However, certain smoking accessories ensure they retain their potency and keep their flavor intact. One such accessory is the recycler piece. An improvement over the standard concentrate rigs, the recyclers are efficient in providing cooler and smoother hits.

Due to the longer contact with water during the recycling process, the smoke cools easy. Many smokers believe that nothing beats the flavor of a concentrate when it is smoked through a recycler piece.

What is a Recycler Piece?

The recycler is a water piece with a two-chambered percolator designed to filter smoke that you inhale. Recycler pieces are most often seen in bongs, although they can also be used in bubblers too.

Recyclers are water pipes that recycle the smoke in the second chamber. The smoke goes through the original chamber again and is filtered. This type of water pipe has excellent diffusion. However, recyclers in wax rigs have one significant distinction: a secondary chamber that funnels water and smoke from the second chamber back to the main chamber.

Water and smoke swirling through your pipe, ensuring that your smoke is highly filtered and you can take bigger hits than you ever thought were feasible. A recycler piece makes that possible.

How Does a Recycler Work?

The recycler is a type of water pipe that helps recycle smoke. It primarily works by sucking the smoke from the percolator through a small part of the piece. The smoke is then dumped into the section where the bubbles will pop, which goes through the mouthpiece while the water falls into the base water section of the pipe.

The smoke is filtered via a loop passing through the pipe. The smoke is pushed through both parts of the pipe infinite times, making it seem like there are no limits. The recycler piece is perfect for smokers who like to filter their smoke and take bigger hits simultaneously.

Types of Recyclers

Standard Recycler (External Recycler)

The standard recycler is a top-vented recycler having a drain tube that runs from the rig's top to the bottom of the can. The tube is on the outside of the can, forming a loop.

Internal Recycler (Incycler)

Incyclers are divided into two categories. (1) In the first one, the first chamber contains an external tube that leads the water to the second chamber, where the drain is. The drain tube is located within the can. (2) In the second one, the water travels via tiny holes at the top of the drain funnel instead of using an outer tube.

Klein Recycler

This is a dual-purpose recycling system. One tube receives the smoke and the second tube expels it. The Klein recycler bong is regarded as the finest tool for filtration due to its high capacity. However, it can be heavy on the pocket and challenging to clean.

What are the benefits of smoking from a recycler?

Excellent filtration of the smoke

The recycler will help filter the smoke to enjoy a smooth and tasty hit that is not too harsh on your lungs.

Bigger hits

The recycler pipe is excellent for those who want to take bigger hits.

Better flavor

The recycler will help keep the flavor of your concentrate as strong as possible.

Concentrate Rigs vs. Recyclers

A recycler rig is preferable to a traditional concentrate rig because it can generate smoother and cooler hits in comparison. Your smoke has prolonged contact with the water during recycling in a recycler rig, making cooling easier.

Recyclers will also provide you with a greater variety and richness of taste because the water next to the base of the neck will continue to bubble and percolate, allowing natural flavors in the concentrate to bubble closer to your mouth.

Maintenance of the Recycler

Some recyclers will require you to purchase a skinny pipe cleaning brush or a scrubber to keep them clean. Because of the motion and water flow in a recycler, a lot of the dirt will be washed away while you smoke; all you have to do is make sure to change your water.

It would help if you took apart your recycler to ensure no grime or residue build-up. If you don't clean it, your recycler will eventually become clogged and won't function as well as it used to. It is vital to clean your recycler regularly for it to work effectively. A salt and alcohol swish will eliminate any accumulation on the glass and keep the recycler clean.

Cleaning a recycler is essential and not too complicated. By taking the time to clean your recycler, you'll be able to enjoy it for many years to come.


Concentrate smoking is incomplete without a recycler pipe. The recycler pipe is excellent for those who want to filter their smoke and enjoy more significant hits. It is a must-have in your smoking accessories collection.

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