Zooted Hemp Wraps: An Unique Assortment of the finest flavors

Whether you're a smoking novice, pro, or a smoke shop owner, you know the popularity of hemp wraps has quadrupled in recent times. Hemp wraps are all the rage these days. Several flavors are available in the market, each with a unique aroma and taste. But are they reliable? Fret not! At Zooted Brandz, you can choose from top-quality, eight delectable flavors of hemp wraps. Whether you like the aroma and taste of fruits, cakes, or drinks, we have everything in store for you! As hemp wraps! That's right. The best part about our hemp wraps is their top-notch quality. They burn slowly and provide a smooth draw, which is why you can never get enough of these beauties. Here is the fantastic assortment of flavors you can try from Zooted Brandz.

  • Pink Drink

What is more refreshing than a berry drink? Our Pink Drink hemp wraps! The Pink Drink hemp wraps are loaded with the aroma of strawberry. They are all-natural, 100% vegan, and provide an exquisite berry-some flavor. They have a passionate scent and are sure to elevate your smoking experience. Our Pink Drink hemp wraps are tobacco-free, non-GMO, and all organic. You can smoke these without guilt and without harming your health.

  • Banana Split

For those who love a banana's sweet and ripe fragrance, the banana split hemp wraps from Zooted are the way to go. These wraps are deliciously aromatic and provide a tremendous fruity punch to enhance your smoking experience. The banana split hemp wraps are tobacco-free, non-GMO, and all-natural.

  • Russian Cream

Russian cream is a heart-warming, creamy, delectable, and unique flavor of hemp wraps by Zooted Brandz. Their irresistible scent will surely remind you of creamy cupcakes. What's more is that they are 100% vegan, organic and non-GMO. They are the perfect choice if you want to switch from tobacco to something healthier as they are rich in taste and are tobacco-free.

  • Mad Mango

The Zooted Hemp Wraps Mad Mango flavor is all about having fun and making harmless mischief. The fruity, sweet aroma of these hemp wraps is perfect for all those who love the rich taste and smell of the king of the fruits! They're all-natural, tobacco-free, and non-GMO and can be indulged in guilt-free!

  • Honey Dip

What's healthier, sweeter, and more natural than honey? The subtle, smooth, sweet aroma of the Zooted Honey Dip hemp wraps makes you fly like a bee. They are the perfect gateway toward your honey-filled dreams. Elevate your smoking experience with the Honey Dip hemp wraps by Zooted that are tobacco-free, non-GMO, and all organic.

  • Wedding cake

For those who love all things classy, the Zooted brandz has come up with an exquisite, royal, exotic wedding cake flavor in hemp wraps. Their aroma is so creamy, subtle, and heart-warming that you will instantly picture yourself relishing at a countryside wedding. These hemp wraps are all natural and tobacco-free, so if you want to switch to healthy smoking, this is the way to go!

  • Grapevine

There is no doubt about the fact that the juiciness, fruitiness, and sweetness of grapes cannot be matched! Except when you choose the Zooted Grapevine hemp wraps. They have a fruity and juicy punch that will linger in your mind for a long time. They are the perfect option for those who love sipping on some fine wine. So, indulge your taste buds and senses with our Grapevine hemp wraps that are 100% organic, all-natural, and tobacco-free.

Zooted's the way to go

By now, we're sure you are all caught up about the exquisite flavors we have in store for you and your customers. There's a flavor for each day, each mood, and each personality. Whether their personality is wow as a wedding cake, passionate as a pink drink, gleeful like a grapevine, ravishing like Russian cream, blissful like a banana split, humble as a honey dip, or mischievous like a mad mango – we have it all with us at Zooted Brandz. You can buy these great flavors in packs, with two wraps of one flavor. Each of these packs has filter tips included. You can also opt for the display boxes if you're a reseller. Each display box comes with 25 packs, making it 50 wraps per box! You get the best wholesale prices with us. We provide all organic, 100% natural, tobacco-free hemp wraps in eight mouth-watering flavors that are irresistible. They leave a subtle and sweet after-taste in the mouth and keep you wanting more. Once you get zooted, you will not want anything but zooted! Check out our website and purchase your favorites today!