Zooted Brandz Rolling Papers stand apart from the rest as they are crafted to provide a smoking experience that elevates the mood and the spirit. These premium quality papers are designed to give you the ultimate smoking experience with every puff you take.

Enjoy your smoking sesh without a worry with our easy-to-roll, crisp, thin, and slow-burning Zooted Papers. Now consume paper-free smoke with our crispy thin rolling papers that let your herb do the talking while you take a hit off them. Enjoy the natural flavor of your herb’s smoke which gets you zoooted and how!

Punching more of the good stuff than a standard cone, the Zooted Papers provide ample and consistent smoke throughout the sesh. No dyes, no chalk, no additives, non-GMO, Zooted PaperZ are available in King Size and 1-1/4 Size. A king-size pack consists of 32 leaves, and the 1-1/4 pack consists of 50 leaves. We also offer boxes for purchase if you want to stock up.

You can choose a display box containing 24 packs of either size. 100% Vegan, organic, and made out of the purest hemp fiber, you will love to rock n roll with the Zooted PaperZ. Let’s get rollin’ already!

  • No Dyes
  • 25 Packs per Box
  • Premium Quality
  • Flavorless
  • Vegan
  • Organic