Why roll on plain boring surfaces when you can roll away into a world that gets you zoooted? Elevate the vibe of your smoking sesh by rolling on our premium quality Zooted TrayZ. Our range of colorful metal trays featuring a magnetic slap will transcend you into an imaginary world where you can float freely. With standard dimensions 8.5” x 6” trays, our zazzy trays are designed to give you the best rolling experience.

Whether you want one for yourself or want to gift a friend, Zooted Brandz features a collection of trays having spacey, fantastical, video-game-based, and psychedelic designs, among others.

We have a range of Zooted Trays for every personality. The Skully Zooted Artistic tray for the ones who love an adventure, the Area 420 Alien Zooted Artistic Rolling Tray for the ones who love the unknown, the Zooted Logo Black on White Rolling Tray for the ones who love sass and class, Pixel Video Game Inspired Zooted Artistic Rolling Tray for the ones who love the era of Mario and Bros, Shroomy Planet Zooted Artistic Rolling Tray for the space lovers and many more.

Our uniquely designed trays are not just a head-turner collectible piece but also a conversation starter. Get rollin with our zooted trayz and hop into the zingy world of no limitations and no restrictions with us!

  • 8.5" x 6"
  • Sturdy Metal Design
  • Bright Psychedelic Designs